Traditionally, the university of Potsdam celebrates the appointment for professors with the event “Großes Professorium”.  Last year Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Mario Schölzel also joined this big event as he was appointed professor for the endowed chair “Dependable and Energy Efficient Sensors”. The endowed professorchip is a joint appointment of  IHP – Leibniz Institute for High Performance Microlectronics and the institute for computer science at the university of Potsdam. The initial term of appointment for the new endowed chair appointment will be five years.

The endowed professor, who has been in office since November 2014, will perform academic teaching and theoretical research in the hardware and software area of sensor networks specifically on dependability and energy efficiency . Efficient solutions are especially asked for telemedical applications as well as for telematics and automation ones.

 The endowed chair is funded by IHP’s long-term regional research partners  MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme, Green Way Systems GmbH and Philotech Systementwicklung und Software GmbH. The regional context was an important prerequisite for the BMBF funding of the DIAMANT project.

Further information regarding the current lectures of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Mario Schölzel can be found at the website of the chair.